The violin is a musical instrument of the family of violas; the violin is constituted by a case, from the characteristic curvilinear form, from it a brief handle apart to whose extremity has assured the four strings that go to finish to the fund of the case of resonance; the violin is played with a bow that has passed on the strings producing different tonalities of sounds.

The gold age of the violin began in the final period of the Baroque and it is here that The violin  is defined the voice of the classical music. As the orchestra, of which it is the most representative instrument, the violin is in fact in partnership to that kind of cultured musical defined improperly classical. The modern denomination of " violin " appeared for the first time in 1577; the first builder was the lutist of Brescia G. Bertolotti.

It is however certain to think that Italy is the country of the violin and to such fame contributed the very famous families of liutists: Amati, Stradivari, Guarnieri. The violin is still considered the virtuosic instrument for excellence. Famous pages for the violin were written by Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Cajkoviskij. But beyond of this violin, that of the "big music" performed in the theaters and in the concert rooms, that of the frac and of the big soloists, exists, and it has always existed, a new " violin ", that of the small " music " that plays again in the plazas, in the farmhouses and in the ballrooms during the numerous festive recurrences, the marriages and the carnival.


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