The piano, is a musical instrumennt made in strong and resistant materials and, particulary today, the advanced tecnology had to allow a very good acustic assembly, to assicurate the during for generations.

The piano is composed by a furniture that it is a risonant box, inside of this one, there is a series of metallic strings fixed by their extremity, on a frame; the piano, include also a keyboard. The keis are linked to many hammers that, for the lowering of the keis, smite the strings, so the sound is generated.
In the low part of the piano, there are some pedals, they consent to have a upper grade or low grade of the sound.

There are two kinds of piano:
- the grand piano, with the strings in horizontal and its furniture, leaning on three legs, it extends horizontaly and terminate with the characteristic long form.
- the uprigth piano, with the strings in vertical and the furniture is extended in vertical height.

In the course of the centuries, the piano has been more of a simple instrument of musical divulgation..

Since the end of IIX sec. the piano has became the instrumental base of every musical instruments.

The piano is one of few musical instruments that still keep today, unaltered in the time, its fascination and its prestige.


Grand Piano

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