The organ is a musical instrument made with metallic pipes, different for greatness in accordance with their intonation, all linked to a bladder.

The organ is an instrument with one or two manual keyboards   and a pedal keyboard; when the organ keis are pressed, the air that was in the bladder, come into the pipes, so there is the emission of the sound. The intensity of the sound is regolated by a particulary meccanism, and the timbre is obtained thanks to a register system.
The keis of the organ are generally made in wood and preferably in feer-tree wood.The keis are interally covered in ebony-wood and box-wood and mounted on specific loom.
The metallic pipes are made of  90% tin..

The pipe of  the organ, accurately in wood, are in  feer-tree wood, seasoned into apposit rooms and treated with protective paints. The trasmission of the organ is meccanic, so as to have particolary silented touches, controlled with care in the construction of these instruments.

The"air transports" will be made so as to assicurate the perfect airtight.

The organ is a few of  musical instruments strictly linked to its millenary history, made of arts, culture and religion.

Positive Organ

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